Name: Trey Jordan Black

Alias: TRE, Breezy, Young One

Age: 16

Hometown:  Belleville, IL/St. Louis, MO

Musical Influences:  The number one influence rapping wise would be Jordan~Jay mostly lyrically.  I really look up to NAS on the realness spit. Nappy Roots influenced me on bringing the country flava, Tupac of course, Murphy Lee, Ludicrous, Xzibit, Ermine, and Jadakiss. These great artist make me wanna put more effort into the industry every time I hear them.

Favorite Rap Style: I love getting AMP in the studio and delivering it nice and smooth on beat but throwing in some country twang to it.

When did you start doing music:
every since I was a Lil man I have been interested in music in general.  About a year ago I got serious teaming up with Bound By Blood Entertainment and getting on it hard.

Favorite Song from Things Have Changed:  Well personally I love Main Feature because it is a Crunk song. I love another level on the fact that the 4 main people of 3be got together and dropped it and we perform it everywhere letting people know were not just tryin to rap........were on ANOTHER LEVEL.

 Best thing about making music on your own:
well without jay there is no music but the best part about doing it with him and no one in charge of us is we do whatever we want to a track in order to make it hot.  We don't worry about Reppin bling bling cause were not about that.  We have control over what we want OUR beats to sound like and no want some label wants them to sound like.  We work at our pace and take as much time as we need on something to make it at the full perfection.

What do you hope to accomplish in the industry?:   I hope that 3BE will rearrange the game letting them know what's really up.  With my man ~Jay were not just getting signed making some cds........were making an empire.  We may be local now but in the future well have a company like SONY has controlling the industry and getting rid of these wack ass rappers.

Other genres or artists from other genres that influence you: I'm gonna be real wit yall reading this........Country growing up was an influence.  But Reggae is a major one along with bands like Linkin Park.  I'm a fan of latin music as well.  I don't live no La Vida Loca but I'm down with the Chocha.

Anything else you want to say? (Shout-outs, quote, etc):  All the people that helped me get this far THANKS!!!!!  mainly ~Jay who I would be nothing without.  He told me you run away from your problems, there bound to catch up I have screwed up a lot in life.  But we all make mistakes and hopefully I can turn it all around.  Shout out to Ghost and all my peepz in B-Ville supporting the ILL SHIT.  All the ladies out there ..........Breath Easy. Look out for my upcoming release "SWITCH HITTA"

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